Whatsapp Status Quotes


Never forget that U R absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.


Think big, fast and ahead. Ideas R no 1’s monopoly


The quickest way 2 acquire self-confidence is 2 do exactly what U R afraid to do.


The cost is forgotten but D quality & treatment is remembered forever.


Peoples are not useless. They are used less.


The future is not something we await; it is something we should create.


Hope is D ability 2 hear D music of D future. Faith is having D courage to dance 2 it today.


Work smarter, not just harder.


Prosperity does best discover vice, but adversity discovers virtues.


We cannot direct D wind. But we can adjust our sails.


Lord Buddha left his palace in search of peace, and we all are in search of a palace at the cost of peace.


Happiness doesn’t heal, but happiness protects against falling ill.


Erasers R for peoples who R willing 2 correct their mistakes.


Some people dream success, while others wake up and work hard at it.


Don’t wait for a wake-up call from life. Discover urself and live up to your potential.


There is 1 difference between Dream and Aim.  Dream requires sleep to see and Aim requires effort to see.


If you aren’t ready today, you’ll be even less so tomorrow.


Measure wealth not by the things U have, but by things U have 4 which U would not take money.


Life never turns the way we want. But we live it d best way we can.


People do not seem 2 realize that their opinion of D world is also a confession of character.


If a man is gracious and courteous to strangers, he is a citizen of the world.


Unless U speaks from heart U R unable to touch no one’s heart.


The supreme result of education is – Tolerance.


Smile will B complete when it begins with Ur heart, reflects in Ur eyes & ends with a glow on Ur face.


1 doesn’t learn from success. Mistakes R what shape us. We treasure mistakes.


The sure shot formula for failure is, try 2 please everybody.


It is better to protect Ur feet with shoes rather to carpet D earth.


There’s a line in me between genius & insanity. I’ve erased this line.


To B kind is more essential than 2 B Right.


All D right things R not possible, all D possible things R not right.


LIFE means missing expected things & facing unexpected things.


Learn 2 like D task, and impossible becomes possible.


D more U look 4 defects in other, D more U will B-comes affected.