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Autograph your work with excellence.


So simple to live, love, smile win, but it is difficult to be so simple.


If you cannot find brighter side of life, polish the darker side.


D price of discipline is always less than D pain of regret.


Blieve half of what U see & none of what U hear.


Clothes don’t make a person, but they speak for you.


When the well is dry, the value of water is realized.


Life means missing expected things & facing unexpected things.


Being the best is a matter of living by choice.


Life gives us situations, not solutions. Solutions R always created by our wisdoms.


They talk most who have least to say.


Tough times never be last but tough people do.


The greatness is not what we do, but is always in how we do.


U can win life by all means, if U simply avoid 2 things….Comparing and expecting.


God is bad at packaging. He delivers the best to us in the form of most ordinary forms.


The greatest failure of life is not participating hundred percent.


Its affection that matters, not perfection.


Keep Ur fears to Ur self, but share Ur inspiration with others.


Everybody wants 2 go 2 heaven, but nobody wants 2 die.


To feel sorry for the needy is not the true mark of a human being – “to help them is”.


An excuse is worse than a lie, Bcoz it is a guarded lie.


When your signature Bcomes an autograph that is real success.


Talent will get u the top but it takes character to keep U there.


Children R great comfort in your old age – N they help U reach it faster, Too!


There is no market of your sorrows. So never advertise your feelings.


All philosophy is in 2 words – Sustain & Abstain.


It is better to shift one’s plan late in life than to run around in circles with the wrong plan.


While V cannot choose how we will die, V can always choose how V will live.


Crossing the worst situations is the only way to touch D best corners of life.


Laughter is D sun that drives winter of sadness from D human face.


People appear brighter before U hear them speak.


Kindness can become its own motive. We R made kind by making kind.

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